Hair Spa Vs. Keratin, Which one is the best?


Out of the several hair treatment procedures you can see through the online salon services, the hair spa and keratin treatment are treated as the best and most efficient. Even the procedures are a bit costly as compared to others. However, it is worth getting one of them. These processes not only reduce the hair damage but also restore the original beauty of the hair strands.

So, which process will you choose for yourself?

Making such an important decision does sound difficult.

Yes, which is why in the forthcoming article, we will talk about the two methods in detail so that you can get the clarification you need. Furthermore, it will help you choose the best process easily without having to think a hundred times.

Hair spa VS Keratin: Definition

Hair spa

Hair spa is a treatment procedure done to reduce damages like hair fall, dandruff, split ends, and thinning of the hair volume. It is done mainly with organic and herbal products. Oil and heat are mandatory elements in a hair spa.

Keratin treatment

When it comes to keratin treatment, the process is done to restore the keratin balance of the strands. In addition, the process helps in making the hairs smooth and straight and removes the curly looks. In the Keratin treatment, you will find that the professionals use special keratin enriched products, mainly chemicals.

Hair spa VS Keratin: Procedure

Hair spa

If you are making an appointment for hair through the salon booking app, you need to know the entire procedure first. In this below section, we have discussed how the process is carried on and using what types of elements.

  1.   First, your hair will be shampooed. If you have dyed hair, shampoo suitable for the dye color is used. In case you have dandruff, anti-dandruff shampoo will be used. During shampooing, the experts will massage the scalp and remove the dirt and debris accumulation from the skin layers.
  2.   Once shampooing is done, a conditioner or hair mark is used. Usually, the products are of the same brand to ensure the best results. Use of the conditioner or the mask will help in smoothening the hair and removing the dryness.
  3.   After this, a proper hair cream is applied. The entire hair is divided into six sections, and the cream is applied to all the strands. A proper comb is used to ensure that the strands are coated evenly with the cream. An oil massage can be done before applying the cream to relax your nerves and make your scalp moisturized.
  4.   Lastly, your hair will be washed and wrapped in a hot towel. Your head will be then covered with a standing steamer where the hot vapors will help treat the hair damage.

Keratin treatment

Even though only a few places provide keratin treatment, as can be seen from the online salon services, it is better to know the procedure first.

  1.   First, shampooing is done. The chosen product is such that it will clean both the scalp and the strands of any oil or debris deposits. Also, if you have dyed your hair previously, the shampoo chosen is usually suitable for the dye color you have.
  2.   After this, the hair is divided into four major sections. Then, using a brush and comb, the keratin product is applied. The professionals make sure to apply the products from the root to the tip to cover the entire strand. Thanks to the use of the comb, your hair will be coated with the keratin product evenly.
  3.   A dryer is used to ensure that the keratin product coating can dry out completely. The heat also helps in the absorption of the protein by your scalp and hair strands. Drying is done in a sectional method to ensure that every part of the hair gets an even treatment.
  4.   Lastly, a flat iron is used to straighten the hair strands. The number of iron passes depends on how smooth or straight you will want for your hair.

Hair Spa VS Keratin: Benefits

Hair spa

  •         Helps in removing the impurity deposits, which unclogs the skin pores in the scalp
  •         Promotes natural oil secretion from the glands present beneath the scalp
  •         Helps in improving the blood flow to the scalp laden with oxygen and nutrient
  •         Moisturizes the hair strands along with the scalp
  •         Due to the oil massage, stress and depression can be alleviated

Keratin treatment

  •         Helps in increasing the protein content in the strands and scalp
  •         Removes the curly look of the hair and makes them smoother
  •         Allows the skin to breathe freely
  •         Reduces hair fall and damage by nourishing the roots properly
  •         Makes the hairs look straighter, shiner, and bouncier

Hair Spa VS Keratin: Disadvantages

Hair spa

  •         Needs to be done almost regularly, like every week, to retain the results
  •         Highly costly since it needs to be repeated multiple times
  •         Can cause fading of the natural hair color or the dyed one

Keratin treatment

  •         Does not provide nourishment to the scalp or hair roots
  •         Usage of special keratin products makes it the costliest
  •         It can’t be done from a normal salon other than the ones certified for a keratin treatment

Who should get a hair spa?

Hair spa is useful for dandruff, split ends, or suffering from hair fall and dry scalp. The spa will help in repairing the hair and alleviate the damage rate. It is essential to ask the salon professionals whether your hair needs the spa before choosing the online salon services.

Who should choose the keratin treatment?

Keratin treatment is mainly important for those having curly hair with rough surfaces. The keratin products make the hair strands look healthier as they help replenish the protein’s deficiency. If you want to get bouncier, silky smooth, and straight hair, the Keratin treatment is the ideal choice.


No matter what kind of treatment you choose for yourself, you need to choose the best salon. So, use the salon booking app and make an early appointment. However, do not forget to ask the professionals about the suitability of a hair spa or keratin treatment for your hair type.