5 things that every small business website must have in 2021!

It’s 2021, the year when almost everything has become digitalized; right from shopping for groceries to buying a new house, consumers can do everything from the comfort of their home. However, even in such an advanced digitalized age, there are still over 40% of small businesses that don’t have a proper website. This is because the businesses either believe that their operations are too small to work online or because they don’t have the proper knowledge regarding the subject.

Thus, in today’s article, we are sharing a few tips through which small businesses can easily improve their website:

     1. Add precise information to your website

Every small business website must serve these two basic purposes:

  • Provide precise information about your business: Write correct and precise information about your products or services that you are offering. This will help the visitors have a better understanding of your business operations, and generate user interest, which will finally lead to an increase in business. You can also add consumer testimonials to generate new-user interest.
  • Help the visitors navigate your website: Meaning, you have to clearly communicate with the website visitors, and help them understand what you want them to do; whether you want them to contact you regarding the services or purchase your products. Also, ensure to provide your contact information on the top right/left hand side of your website’s homepage or in the footer section, as it will help the visitors with easy access to your information.

     2. Give importance to the design of your website

It is not a secret that your website is the most important aspect of your online presence. After all, no matter how hard you are working on your social media marketing, at the end of the day; your website is the place from where consumers will buy the products or learn more about your services.

Thus, it is extremely important that you pay proper attention to the aesthetics of your website, and make the user interface design as easy as possible for the visitors.

Also, most of the time, basic color combinations work the best!

     3. Add quality content to your website

Apart from the design, content marketing that you use in your small business website plays a decisive role in captivating your visitor’s attention. After all, the attention span of today’s online web surfers is extremely low; thus, the only thing that you can do to captivate their attention is to write awesome content copy with creative taglines.

Further, also ensure that you never plagiarize your small business website content from any other online source or medium without giving citations. Because plagiarized content only causes your SEO (Search engine optimization) rankings to take a negative hit.

     4. Use a secured hosting solution

The customer data that you acquire through various efforts can easily go in vain with the slightest of mistakes. The mistake that we are referring to is using an untrustworthy hosting solution. After all, if your hosting platform is unsecured, then your customer data can be exposed to the various online viruses and Trojan attacks.

Further, using an SSL certificate on your website will provide an encrypted connection; thus, comforting the consumers visiting your small business website.

     5. Perform basic SEO

It doesn’t matter how good your website is if no one ever visits it in the first place. After all, there are millions of websites online that provide billions of products and services; thus, the chances of your small business website being discovered by the online web surfers become extremely low. However, you can improve your chances of increasing the website traffic by performing basic SEO (search engine optimization).

SEO is nothing but the art of ranking your website higher in the unpaid section of SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) through organic marketing means. You can learn the basics SEO by watching online videos and reading blog articles; but for learning or performing advanced SEO, it is recommended that you consult with a professional digital marketing agency.

For performing basic SEO, you can add relevant links, use appropriate keywords in your text, and give title and description to the URLs.

(NOTE: Always add a sitemap to your website; as it helps the visitors navigate and find what they are looking for easily).

Hope this article will help you improve your business online. Good luck and all the best with all your future endeavors!

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