How to write a resume that will help you land your dream job!

The year 2020 has been nothing less than a roller coaster ride; with constant ups and downs, we can without a doubt call this year “pretty unpredictable.” However, the good news is that the year is finally coming to an end, and as forecasted by researchers: The Covid-19 vaccine might also be soon made available to us. Thus, this is probably the best time to do a quick refresh of your existing CV (if you already have one) or create a perfect one (if you are a fresher) to land your dream job!

But before proceeding with our tips on how to write a good resume, let us understand what a CV is and why it is so important:

On paper, a resume or curriculum vitae (CV) is nothing but a commonly used document required in an interview process. The documents mostly comprise of personal and professional information of the candidate applying for the job. The clear and precise information provided in the resume helps the interviewer to gauze and understand the candidate better. Thus, your resume must not only be relevant and up-to-date but also easy to read and understand.

Tips to write a perfect resume and land your dream job:

resume needs to be clear

 1. Your resume needs to be clear and precise to the point

An employer/ interviewer on average spends no more than 30 seconds while navigating through the heaps of resumes (sent by various candidates) in front of him/her. Meaning, 30 seconds is all you get to make that ‘first-impression’ and land your dream job. Thus, while writing your resume, you must ensure that it is clear & concise (proofread it once or twice, also use tools like Grammarly), try to limit your resume up to two pages at max., and don’t forget to customize your CV (curriculum vitae) for the job role that you are applying for. These few things will help you go a long way!

Pay attention to your choice of words

 2. Pay attention to your choice of words

It is not necessary that the person reading your resume has to be the employer, there are chances that a human resource executive is skimming through your profile; thus, make sure that your choice of words are easy to understand. There is no need to show your Awesome Vocab Skills in the CV!

3. Highlight both your professional

 3. Highlight both your professional as well as your volunteer experience

There is a lot of misconception that one must only quantify his or her professional/paid experience in their resume. But the truth is far from it because nowadays, employers are not only looking at a person’s educational degrees/certificates but also their character. Thus, highlighting your volunteer experience will only strengthen your chances of getting hired.

Make sure to give a personalized touch

 4. Make sure to give a personalized touch to your resume

When I say, a personalized touch, I recommend you to add numbers (quantifiable information) in your resume; the total number of clients that you have served, helped increase company’s profits, your contribution towards your previous organization, number of skills or certificates that you have, etc. Further, also remember to add your personal experience at your last job/internship- the challenges that you face and how you overcame those challenges, etc.

Add your social media

 5. Add your social media and blog/website URLs

If you are a professional trying to rise through the ranks of the corporate hierarchy, connections are what you need to build! Further, when you talk about building some viable professional connections, LinkedIn is where you need to look at. Also, adding your social media URLs will give you an additional edge; they are extremely important for the ones who are trying to make their mark in the creative segment (designers, influencers, YouTubers, social media managers, copywriters, etc.)

Your Resume Layout

 6. Your Resume Layout & Keywords

Make sure to use a Resume layout that will amplify your achievements; generally, the ones that will adjust your content to the left (this will make it easier for recruiters to skim through important information). Keep your font size around 10 to 12, and make consistent use of caps, bold, and italics. Also, don’t forget to add keywords that are relevant to your job profile, as it will help your CV to rank higher in the job portals. Some examples of keywords that you can use in reference to your profile are analytics, operations, project management, finance expert, human resources, management experience, data analyst, content writer/copywriter, SEO specialist, Full stack developer, WordPress developer, designer, programming, product development, client servicing/handling, etc.

Additional pointers

 7. Additional pointers

Make use of professional fonts such as Verdana, Arial, or Times New Roman. Arrange your resume in reverse chronological order- start with your latest work experience and work your way backward. (Also only include the latest and the most relevant information). Make use of ‘buzzwords’ or ‘power-words’ such as completed, achieved, supervised, leadership, accomplished, assembled, earned, etc. These power-words will help establish a trustworthy and likable image in the minds of recruiters. Create a resume that is in reference to the job position that you are applying for; you can easily find some good resume examples on Google by doing a little research.


  • Use a professional email address from Outlook or Google, and make sure to use your name in the email ID.
  • Ensure that your contact information is correct and up-to-date.
  • Avoid adding hobbies to your resume, unless they are related to the profile that you are applying for.
  • Proofread your resume/CV once, twice or a couple of times to avoid making any basic errors!

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