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Guidelines for article submission

Here at Brisk Panda, we encourage sharing of information and knowledge amongst our readers; however, we have placed a few guidelines to ensure that only high-quality content reaches you. Thus, make sure to follow these important guidelines, as doing so will only help you in getting your article published. These guidelines are:

  • Kindly ensure that you only post unique 800+ word articles.
  • All submitted content will only be reviewed, edited and posted by the editor.
  • All authors posting spam and duplicate content will be blocked.
  • We allow up to 2 backlinks for each article posted by you.
  • Brisk Panda only publishes unique informative articles on our website. In order to publish commercial and promotional articles, kindly contact us at
  •  The articles posted on our website do not qualify for any sort of future compensation or employment opportunity.
  • Your article post might be rejected (not published) if you don’t meet the required guidelines.